The goal:
TMRW Production was approached by CZ-Eko, company which dispose cars environmentaly frindly, to create viral video. Viral video that would reach a lot of people in the Czech Republic, raising not only the awereness of CZ-Eko but which would also entertain audience.

The case study.
Given the fact, that company's owner Petr Simurda is also multi-year rally driver, we already knew that this is going to be huge.
We chose the SKODA 130 LR Evo racing special, which the company made look old, bad and rusted. In the video this racing beauty is placed on the CZ-Eko's liquid extraction line. At that moment, Simurda is coming to the line and notices this racing special. He is immediately thrilled by the car and has to test the car in the tight spaces of the demolition line.

The solution:
Petr Simurda prepared a track at the company's premises. We wanted to bring maximum authenticity to the video, and given the fact that tires were leaving tracks on the concrete, we could not afford to miss a single shot. 
We used RED cameras, drone, Freefly gimbal for follow shots and GoPro Fusion for 'not yet seen' onboard shots. We did almost not use tripod while shooting, dynamic driving requires a dynamic camera. Our camera operators did a great job. During the shooting, the 5K 360° VR bonus video from passenger seat have been created. The spectator can enjoy the ride as if he was sitting in the car.
The resulting video received over 75,000 views, over 1,500 reactions and over 1,000 shares in just 24 hours after publishing, with only organic reach! Video is gaining attention all over the world and have been shared by leading automagazines in the Czech Republic.
For this we owe not only the famed driving capabilities of Petr Simurda, but also the action editing with great sound composition coupled with pure RED cameras image, dynamic shots and tuned colorgrading.

More work