We believe that camera motion helps to tell the story, gain the audiences attention.
We are using latest technologies for camera movement - gimbals, car mounted cameras or drones. TMRW production crew consists only of young enthusiastic professionals. We are constantly evolving our workflow to deliver industry standard services for our clients. Our camera operators can use any standard equipment.
All high-end shooting equipment is available locally and any special equipment is available from nearby rental houses in Germany and Austria. Whether you need 8K, 6K or 4K, 10-bit, HDR, ultra slow-mo or Large Format, TMRW Production is ready to meet all your requirements.

We don't stand our feet on the ground // Aerial Crew

Our aerial crew consist of certified drone pilot, camera operator and when needed the fly situation observer. Our pilot have been flying with custom build drones since the technology arised. Our crew members well know our drones and are passionate storytellers. We fly custom build heavy lifter with safety parachute system capable of lifting up to 10kg of high-end cameras (RED, ARRI, SONY, 360 VR) stabilized by state of art Movi gimbal or Inspire 2 for stunt / indoor flying or when talent is nearby. Our drones are fully insured and certified by Czech aviation authority. Our aerial service will arrange all necessary permitting, insurance certificates and help you choose the right equipment for your project. TMRW is really proud of our aerial drone team. Having in house aerial crew is crucial for smooth production because we don't have to worry about on set misconceptions, errors and delays.

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